Our Guide: Buying On WholesaleFury

Welcome to WholesaleFury! As a small business owner, you want to find and use solutions for stocking your merchandise without worrying about hiking up prices for buying smaller amounts of inventory, right? With WholesaleFury, you can more easily find competitive prices while only stocking the inventory you need or have room for. Here is our beginner’s guide to buying on WholesaleFury:

Getting Started

When you buy as part of a group on WholesaleFury, you’re setting yourself up for success by purchasing the items you need at bulk discount pricing without having to buy in bulk. We’ve made becoming an investor in wholesale group purchases easy! All you have to do is sign up for a free investor’s account. From there, you find the wholesale orders you want to participate in, and then reserve your spot by selecting the quantity you want!

What Kind of Buying Power Do I Have?

As with ordinary wholesale purchases, the price per item within your order changes based on how many items you’re ordering. However, that’s the big difference between regular wholesale purchasing and WholesaleFury. You’ll find that you don’t need to order the largest quantity of items in order to get the best pricing. WholesaleFury groups similar orders together instead, so you get the benefit of the best possible wholesale pricing while ordering only what your business needs.

Reserving Your Spot

When you see a group order you’d like to participate in, you’ll want to start your process by reserving your spot! Before you can reserve, you need to select the quantity of that item you’d like to order, and then you’ll be presented with your order price. However, you don’t have to pay that price right now. Instead, to reserve your spot, you’ll pay a 7% commission fee, or Reservation Price, to the product manager so they’ll hold your spot in the order. From there, you just sit back and relax, knowing that you’ll get the best prices for your items once the group order has reached its goal.

Completing Your Order

Once your group order has reached the goal that was set for the best possible price, your items are ready for purchase! The product manager, which is the title for the person who posted the group order product, will reach out to you to get things rolling so you can get your items as soon as possible. In working with your product manager and placing your order through WholesaleFury, you’ll be receiving the best discounts possible for high-quality products!

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Learn more about WholesaleFury’s purchasing process, read through our FAQs, and get started today by browsing our website. Still have questions about us or the buying process? Get in touch with us today on our Contact page! Sign up to be an investor and get the best prices possible today! 

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