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It’s simple and quick to start making money by posting group wholesale orders on the WholesaleFury online marketplace. You can post items that you’re also interested in purchasing so you can participate in the group wholesale order and save money on the products you need for your small business or for personal use. Or, you can choose to be a product manager just for the commission. Selling items through our online marketplace is an easy and smart way to make some extra cash. You can become a product manager by finding a wholesaler who accepts group orders, or if you’re a wholesaler, you can post your own products. 

If you’re interested in becoming a product manager, you have come to the right place. Here you will find step-by-step guides and videos to walk you through the process. Are you ready to become a product manager at WholesaleFury? Sign up for an account and get started today.

The Benefits of Becoming a Product Manager on WholesaleFury:

  • You can participate in the group orders you post to save money on the products you need
  • You will earn a commission from investors when your product reaches the target quantity 
  • It’s an easy and smart way to make extra money
  • You can post multiple products and monitor campaigns through the WholesaleFury Campaign Dashboard
  • We offer all new product managers a free six-month trial!
  • You create the pricing tier to reflect savings depending on the order quantity and have control over the minimum order quantity and target quantity. Please note that if you are a  wholesaler, you have control over the target quantity, but if you are creating group orders and purchasing through a wholesaler, you must ensure that the target quantity matches their minimum order quantity for the agreed upon discount.

How to Start a Campaign

How to Set Up Tiered Pricing

How to Communicate With Investors

How to Manage Campaigns

How to Cash Out Your Commission

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Product Manager

Becoming a product manager at WholesaleFury is quick and easy. You simply register for an account, find a company that accepts group wholesale orders, and start posting their products. Or, post your own products if you are a wholesaler or manufacturer yourself. Below, you’ll find a selection of “how-to” sections with videos that will walk you through each process. We hope this helps you become an efficient and effective product manager so that you can start making money right away. Read on to learn more, and if you have any further questions, the team at WholesaleFury is here to help. Contact us today and we’d be happy to assist you. Contact

How to Start a Campaign

At WholesaleFury, starting a campaign and posting your first group wholesale order is simple. You’ll begin by selecting the “Start Campaign” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen or by selecting “Start a Group Order Campaign” from the “My Account” section in the main navigation. You’ll then begin entering all of your product information. There are fields to enter a product description, featured image, video, and more. If you would like to add extra images, you can do so by selecting the “add media” button right above the product description field. You can also place your business page URL here, but keep your discount code secret, for now. Otherwise, investors won’t have to invest in order to receive the discount.

After you’ve finished with the product description, images, and video, you’ll want to set up the quantity goal. This is the total number of items that need to be ordered for the group wholesale order to be completed, also known as the target quantity.

Below this section, you’ll find the pricing section, which we will cover in more detail in the following video. After pricing is set, you can choose to add a note to the buyer to be sent along with their confirmation when they invest as well as enter the discount code, business URL, and choose when these items will be sent to the investor.

After you have input all of the required information, select the “Submit Campaign” button. You have just posted your first product to the WholesaleFury online marketplace!

Please note that WholesaleFury is a lead generation site for group wholesale orders. At which time you decide to divulge the business URL and discount code to your investors is your choice.

How to Set Up Tier/Bulk Pricing

Now that you’ve entered all of your product images, videos, and description information, it’s time to set up your tiered pricing. You’ll begin by inputting the minimum order quantity price into the single unit price field. This is the price of the item before any bulk discounts are applied. Next, you’ll choose whether you would like your discount to be scaled by a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. 

After you have set the rules for the pricing tier, you are ready to set up the tiers by inputting the tier quantity and corresponding discount. You can add as many tiers as you’d like here, just remember that your last tier should coincide with your quantity goal and the final price that will be charged when the goal is met and the order is complete. 

Once your pricing is all set up and you have completed the remainder of the product and order information, select the “Submit Campaign” button and you are all set. Your first group wholesale order campaign is posted to the WholesaleFury online marketplace.

How to Communicate With Investors

One of the keys to being a successful product manager on WholesaleFury is good communication. Before investors back your campaign, it’s likely that they will have questions related to the specifications of the product, shipping details and pricing, or about the group wholesale order in general. With the WholesaleFury chat feature, investors can easily reach out to product managers with their questions.

On each product page, there is a “Chat” button underneath the product description that will connect the investor directly with the product manager. The investor selects this button, sends their question, and the product manager will receive an alert in their email. This feature ensures that channels of communication are always open between the investor and the product manager to help the purchasing process go as smoothly as possible.

How to Manage Campaigns

Now that you’ve posted a campaign to the WholesaleFury marketplace, you’ll want to learn how to manage all of your campaigns by keeping track of current orders, past orders, customer information, and learning how to withdraw your commission.

To begin, start on the Campaign Dashboard. From here, you’ll want to navigate to My Campaigns. This is the area where you will be able to view all of your active group orders that have not yet met their quantity goal.

If you would like to view your past orders, you’ll want to select the “Orders Received” button. This will take you to a list of all of your past transactions. Next to each order in the list, you can select “View” which will bring up a pop-up window containing individual order and customer details.

Keeping track of your campaigns and customer information is easy with WholesaleFury. Keep reading to learn how to withdraw your commission next!

What Is Commission?

On WholesaleFury, one of the benefits of becoming a product manager is that you can earn  commission. The commission is the price that the investor pays to reserve their spot in your group order. WholesaleFury receives 19% of the commission and then the rest is yours to keep. The section below will help to explain how you can withdraw your commission from your group wholesale orders. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Cash Out Your Commission

Now that you’ve completed a campaign on WholesaleFury, it’s time to reap the rewards and cash out your commission. To do this, you’ll want to start on the Campaign Dashboard. From here, select “Payments” from the “Campaign” drop-down menu.

On the payments page, you’ll see a list of all of your completed group wholesale orders. In order to withdraw your commission, select the “View Details” button next to the order.

You’ll notice on this page that there is a difference between the commission amount and the withdrawable amount. This is because 19% of the total commission goes to WholesaleFury. The withdrawable amount is the amount that is yours to keep.

On the payments page, directly underneath the boxes with the commission and withdrawable amounts, you’ll see a “Withdraw” button. To cash out the order, click on this button. A pop-up window will appear and you can enter any amount up to the withdrawable amount to cash out. If you are unable to cash out, you’ll want to follow the link in the box to your profile where you can add your PayPal address. This is how WholesaleFury knows where to send you money. After you’ve updated this information, the withdrawal process is quick and simple.

Get Started Risk-Free With a 6-Month Trial

If you are interested in making some extra money by posting group wholesale items on the WholesaleFury marketplace, or if you are a wholesaler who would like to sell your own products on our site, it’s the perfect time to get started. We are offering an extended free trial so that you can begin posting items today without paying for a product manager membership. For all new members, we are waving the normal $10.99 monthly fee for the first six months. This will give you a chance to try our marketplace risk-free. We are confident that you will see the value in WholesaleFury and continue your membership beyond this trial period, but if at any time during the trial period, you decide that WholesaleFury is not for you, you can cancel your membership, and you won’t be charged anything. There’s no better time to start making money on the WholesaleFury online marketplace. Register for an account and get started today.

Product Manager FAQs

At WholesaleFury, a product manager account costs $10.99 per month. At this time, we are offering a six-month free trial. You won’t be charged anything for your account for the first six months, and then the normal fees will apply.

If you just want to order items through group wholesale orders on the WholesaleFury website, you do not need to pay for an account. You can sign up for a free investor account and you will be able to purchase items through our site. Only our product manager accounts have a monthly fee.

You can keep track of all of your customers, campaigns, products, and other details in the Campaign Dashboard. Access to the dashboard is included with the product manager account. You will also be able to cash out your commission from the Campaign Dashboard.

This depends. If you only want to purchase items as an investor, WholesaleFury does not charge anything. However, you will be required to pay a commission to the product manager.

If you are a product manager, there is a small monthly account fee of $10.99 and 19% of your total commissions go to WholesaleFury. This is how we pay to maintain our site and connect group wholesalers with investors.

In order to post your first campaign, you’ll have to register for a product manager account. Once you are registered, you can select “Start a Group Order Campaign” from “My Account” in the main navigation and fill out the form and product information. The video above titled “How to Start a Campaign” can provide you with a walkthrough of the process.

Multiple small orders from several investors are combined to create one large group order. This allows the investors to enjoy a discount that is usually reserved for those purchasing in bulk.

To participate in the group wholesale orders on WholesaleFury, you will need to sign up for an investor account and pay a small commission to the product manager to reserve your spot in a group order.

After you have reserved your spot, you’ll wait until the group order has met its quantity goal, which is the amount of product that needs to be purchased in order for everyone to receive the best price per unit. You’ll then be contacted by the product manager who will provide you with information on how to pay for the products and you’ll receive an email from WholesaleFury with the discount code and link to the product.

Inventors must pay the product manager a commission to reserve their spot in a group order. Commissions are a standard 7% of the investors order total and assumes the best price per unit, even if the quantity goal has not yet been met.

For example, if a group order needs 5,000 units in it to qualify for the best wholesale discount price and the first investor who commits to the product campaign commits to purchasing 100 units for the best possible price of $10 per unit, their order total is $1,000. The commission is 7% of that order total $1,000. In this case, the investor’s commission will be $70.

Someone who orders only 10 units of that same product will also pay 7%, or $7, of commission. The amount of commission varies from purchase to purchase depending on the order total, but the percentage always remains the same for all investors.

Product managers receive the commission from each of their investors minus 19%, which goes to WholesaleFury.

Investors must sign up for an investor account in order to participate in group orders. This membership is completely free. Sign up as an investor today. 

If you would like post group wholesale orders, you must sign up for a product manager account. We are currently running a promotion which allows you to be a product manager for six months for free. After the promo period has ended, a product manager account costs $10.99 per month. Sign up as a product manager today.

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