Why WholesaleFury Is A Necessary Tool For Small Businesses Worldwide

Small businesses have always been at a disadvantage in the global marketplace because they don’t have the purchasing power of larger retailers. Without the funds to place massive bulk orders in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, small businesses not only have to worry about constantly maintaining high levels of stock, but also the higher unit price they’re forced to pay on smaller wholesale orders.

For years, this has made it near impossible for smaller businesses to compete with high street and online retailers. However, WholesaleFury.com is here to even the playing field, and give small business the purchasing power they need to compete in the business world.

The Dilemma of Small Business Stocking

The main problems small businesses face when it comes to ordering from wholesalers are stock levels and trying to obtain the best unit prices.

Depending on the size of their storage capacity and what they sell, very few small businesses have space to stock hundreds or thousands of each item they have in store. As above, this means that they’re forced to pay higher unit prices because they can’t buy products in high quantities.

This presents a dilemma for small businesses and their stock levels. On one hand, they could let their stock almost empty before putting in a wholesale order to get the best unit price possible. However, this means turning down sales when they run out of stock, which can lead to a loss in reputation and, potentially, a loss of regular customers.

On the other hand, small businesses can keep a good level of inventory by putting in regular wholesale orders, however, this will push up the unit price as they won’t be optimizing their order to get the best unit price. While this solves the problem of having to turn down sales, it also means that profit margins will have to be lowered on products which hinders their ability to compete with larger retailers.

How WholesaleFury.com can Help Small Businesses Thrive

WholesaleFury.com is changing the game by giving small businesses the purchasing power of large high street retailers. This new platform is an open marketplace for small business owners to collaborate with other small retailers to place large group orders, which means that everyone can take advantage of a lower unit price.

The way WholesaleFury.com works is simple:

Step 1: Post Orders

When a small business uses a wholesale retailer to order in bulk, they post what they’re ordering on WholesaleFury.com. Through this new platform, other small retailers from around the globe can find someone who’s ordering the same product as they are. They then express their interest in that order and tell the retailer the quantity they want to order for themselves… Which gets added to the group order.

Step 2: Place Wholesale Orders

When enough retailers have collaborated to form a large enough group order, it gets submitted to the wholesaler, and the retailer that placed it sends invoices to each small order so they can pay the wholesaler directly.

Step 3: Mail Out Stock

When the wholesale order is received, the retailer divides up the order and ships out every order directly to each small purchaser.

The Result?

When retailers collaborate to place large wholesale orders, they can often match the amount of stock that massive retailers buy at wholesale pricing. This means they can order each unit at a lower price, which not only saves them money in restocking fees but also means that their profit margins are increased on each unit.

How WholesaleFury.com Helps Small Retailers Compete

For years, massive retailers have been able to maintain a large profit margin on products because they can create large bulk orders that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In comparison, smaller retailers have had to face higher unit price costs, which means they have to take a cut in their profit margin for their prices to compete against them.

WholesaleFury.com empowers small business owners to collaborate on wholesale orders, so everyone can achieve the best unit price on every product imaginable. And, with business owners around the world using this platform to increase their profit margins and optimize their wholesale orders, businesses have the power to collaborate with hundreds of others to team up against the retailing giants taking over local high streets.

To find out more about how WholesaleFury can empower retail businesses to take on large corporations and get more value for their money, get in touch with their friendly team today at WholesaleFury.com.

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